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Bamboo Single Scoop

Bamboo Single Scoop

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This handy single scoop has a wide open mouth making it easy to scoop up just the right amount. Great for anything from condiments and baking ingredients to bath salts and washing powder. Hand made from a single piece of certified organic bamboo which is then hand shaped and finished with food safe certified organic oil. Using a single piece of bamboo means the product is safer to use as there is no glue joining pieces together that could leach into food. Bamboo is also more durable than wood, is heat and stain resistant and is ideal for non-stick cookware.

Responsibly made in China where there are safe working conditions and fair labour practices. Producer Bambu is also B Corp certified which means the company’s business model and entire operations are evaluated to see how they impact their workers, community and environment. In short, B Corporation is to business what Fairtrade certification is to food.

Can be washed in the dishwasher however, as with wooden products, we recommend hand washing to prolong life. Avoid soaking. Not recommended for microwave.

Certified organic

Approximately 16.5cm long x 4cm wide.
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