Rerooted Oat Milk

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Creamy in texture and the most neutral in taste, makes this effortlessly pair with most foods and drinks.

Ingredients: Triple filtered water, organic oat base 11% (water, organic oats), organic sunflower oil, organic prebiotic fibre (inulin), cornish sea salt and absolutely nothing else...ever!

Suggestions: Try with porridge, mushroom stroganoffs, smoothies and hot drinks.


Nutritional Informationper 100mlEnergy192kj/(46kcal)Protein0.2gFat1.4gSaturated0.14gCarbohydrate7.96gSugars3.0gFibre<0.5gSalt0.5g

Boring but legal disclaimer:These drinks are made with fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives. They have a shelf life of 10 days unopened and 3 days once opened. They must be refrigerated at all times.