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Sweet Orange & Atlas Cedar Wood Candle

Sweet Orange & Atlas Cedar Wood Candle

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Introducing our 2019 Pre-Release Collection Apothicaire coconut wax candles. A nostalgic Christmas winter scent that evokes warm memories of the festive period.

An invigorating blend of sweet orange oil and the subtle sweetness of the Moroccan Atlas Cedar Wood, coupled with smoky heart notes that coat your pallet with a whirl of spice & woody oak. 

Made with Organic coconut wax and poured by hand, this  mini candle blend is perfect for a cosy by the wood fire night in. 

Coconut wax is best known for its clean and long burn and has a a great scent throw. This means your candle will effectively scent larger rooms in the home. A lower melting point means your candle will give you more burn time than soy wax.

Presented in Apothecary Amber glass jars, ensuring your expertly blended essential oil candle reaches you in optimum efficacy.

All of our essential oils are of the highest grade and are sourced locally in the county of Surrey.

  • 170 ml Burn time 45 hours
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