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Butternut squash has a clean, creamy flavour, thin skin, and the highest proportion of flesh to cavity.

Prep & Cooking tips

Generally you’ll need to peel them before cooking. You can roast squash with the skin on - cut them in half first, though, or they may explode! If you do need to peel it, use a large sharp knife to slice off the top and bottom of the squash. This provides a secure base to begin peeling away the tough outer skin. Some varieties are easier to peel than others; you may triumph with a good quality peeler, but a large sharp knife cut downwards and close to the skin can be easier. Once peeled, slice the squash in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. You’ll then have two halves ready to slice, chunk or stuff as needed.

Don't throw the insides away! The seeds and inside trimmings from squash can be used in veg stock, giving a vibrant colour when used in risotto or soup. Add squash trimmings to other stock ingredients, simmer in enough water to cover for about an hour and strain through a sieve.

Roasting squash gives a dish of glorious colours and deep, sweet flavours. Good as a starter, drizzled with yogurt and chilli oil; as a side, mashed with nutmeg, salt and butter; or stirred into risotto just before the rice is cooked. Alternatively, squash is an excellent candidate for being stuffed and baked whole, or simmered in hearty stews, curries and soups.