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Salty Pretzels Oat Milk

Salty Pretzels Oat Milk

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HiP Chocolate - Salty Pretzels Oat M!lk Chocolate - 70g

  • Delicious creamy vegan oat milk chocolate
  • Crunchy, salty pretzel pieces in creamy chocolate
  • Dairy-free, Soy-free, Slave-free, Plastic-free

We source the finest cocoa from Colombia in a sustainable way and combine with delicious oat milk chocolate to make the creamiest vegan chocolate!

Reinventing chocolate #behip

1) Love Cocoa Ltd, 6-16 Arbutus St, London, E8 4DT, UK 2) Love Cocoa Ltd, CLA CZ s.r.o, Na Dlouhém lánu 508 / 41, Praha 6, 16000 Czech Republic

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