Soap on a Rope

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These Luxury soap bars brought to you by the Natural Spa have been lovingly made with thei signature soap recipe containing skin loving oils. The formulation is designed to create a generous lather whilst being gentle on the skin. The simple yet eye catching design makes this ideal to have in your bathroom or perfect for a gift.

All of these soaps are free from parabens, SLS, preservatives and palm oil! They're all totally vegan and cruelty-free approved too.

These cold process soap bars are handmade in Devon in small batches. Each bar is hand-cut and hand swirled meaning no two bars will ever be identical.

With Fresh uplifting tones of spearmint, perfectly complimented by the earthy aromatic tones of the eucalyptus, balanced by the wooded undertones of Rosemary.

Citrus Blossom
Musky Citrus Base with sweet tones of Lemongrass and Orange

Eve's Garden
Calming lavender mixed with a subtle sweet undertone of lemongrass balanced out with a delicate pine

Himalayan Promise
Fresh uplifting feel from the lime essential oil balanced out by the deep medicinal scent of rosemary. making this bar ideal to help to pick up and feel replenished and refreshed

Into The Night
Cooling eucalyptus and tea tree, to help you feel fresh and ready for your day.

Lemon Sorbet
Sweet top notes of fruity lemongrass, mellowed by fresh lemon

Matcha Mysteries
A crisp peppermint smell mellowed out by a smooth calming lavender, enriched with matcha green tea powder.

Mulled Wine
Cinnamon and Juniper balanced out by Sweet Clementine

Patchouli Rose
This blend gives you a warm herbal citrus scent; a sweet lemongrass blend with deeply herbal fennel and a few other lighter essential to balance and round of the scent.

Peppermint Sours
Sweet citrus with hints of lemon and lime complemented by peppmint

Spiced Orange
Subtle spice blended with sweet orange

Wildflour Wisp
With exotic but earthly tones of grapefruit partnered with a floral calming tone of wild lavender perfectly carried by sweet and fresh overtones of rose

Woodland Daydream
A rich woodlandy smell with claming undertones ideal to use before rest, subtle notes of petitgrain and sandalwood help to lighten the heavier scent of pine. Enveloped with a deep and rich tone from the himalayan cedarwood essential oil.