Forrest & Love


With Forrest & Love we have started a designer revolution in the field of Eco Fashion & Green Living. F&L offer a collection of fashion accessories and thoughtful Gifts that are full of right choices for everyone who leads and aims at leading a conscious active lifestyle.

Their vision in all its simplicity is to create amazing health & wellbeing stories, exploring and sharing with the world some exotic yet stylish lifestyle products and offering thoughtful, ethical gift inspirations that can be passed over from one generation to the next.

Even though they are a small, independent, family run business, they are striving at competing with some of the world’s biggest and most powerful corporations.

When you buy Forrest & Love products, you are not just getting something exquisite that is handmade and hand packed with love, but also standing with and supporting organic over pesticides, handicrafts over machines and quality over mass market consumerism.

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