About us!

We are a small independent family run business with huge ambition to ensure zero waste, organic and fair trading products are available to all of society, as that is how we can truly make a difference, if we ALL start reducing our packaging.

We are a a mixed Welsh / Colombian family and merging both our cultures has helped organically shape our store and our stores ethos. We are a full food, lifestyle and home interiors store, the first Zero waste store merging all three sectors! We've made it our mission to continuously try and price match our products on multimillion pound supermarkets, ensuring package free is affordable to the best of our ability. 



  • Recycle;

Our entire store from signage onto interiors has been designed and created from landfill saved and vintage items, We have Zero Interiors; Interior design created merging recycled, sustainable and landfill saved materials to create unique pieces, gifts and art to last a lifetime, a lifetime out of landfill, 

  • Artists;

At Zero, equality for workers is equally as vital as package free so we pay a world salary regardless of your location, from artists in Chile, onto creators in Bogota and our staff in England,transparent and fair.

  • Accessibility;
We have designed the store around accessibility, the space is large enough for numerous strollers, and in the back area child feeding friendly hammock chairs if ever you need a restful moment or two.
Come in & say hi - we can't wait to meet you!