Product of the Week - RYE GRAIN



Rye is a grain that closely resembles wheat grain but has a long and slender structure. Rye is a very nutritious grain that has innumerable health benefits as you will find out here.  Rye varies in color with some varieties being yellow, brown or green. You can eat rye in the form of cracked grain, flour or as oats. It has also been found that rye flour contains more nutrients since it is made from whole grain consisting of germ and the bran. In general, rye contains varying amounts of minerals and nutrients making it an ideal grain to provide recommended daily allowances for a number of minerals and diet fiber.

3 Benefits of rye!

1. Promotes Heart Health

These grains can help prevent heart diseases. The fiber in it lowers cholesterol has been discovered that genes can be controlled as well, all you need is the right diet. So, if you think that you have any heart-related conditions, add this special grain to your diet because it has been found that rye has many heart-healthy benefits.


2. Anti-Inflammatory

Research has found that inflammation is the core of many diseases. Including nutritional elements like rye in your diet can bring down the inflammation in your body. Including rye into your diet can be very helpful to your overall health. Inflammation has been found to raise the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you are at risk of this disease, you can add rye in your diet to lower the chances.

3. Low Glycemic Index

Rye has a low glycemic index, meaning that the finer in it produces less amounts of glucose. It's perfect to avoid insulin spikes, helping to balance blood sugar levels and avoid many chronic diseases. The fibre in rye is prebiotic fibre, helping with digestive health. 



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