Work At Zer0

At Zer0 We Are Looking for Zer0 Wasters To Join Our Team


Would you like to take active part in our Zer0 Waste Journey and help us creating better world?

Do you enjoy meeting new people, learning new skills, committing to the cause?

Would you like making a career in the Zero Waste World and grow with us in the process?


At Zer0 Exeter we are looking for committed team players to join our team willing to take on shop assisting and managerial responsibilities, run the shop(s) as your own and help us becoming the driving force behind the Zero Waste lifestyle one shop at a time. 

You will be exposed and lead many different aspects of our venture, on a day to day basis from Assisting our lovely Customers, Engaging in Marketing Activities, Proposing and Carrying out Ideas no matter how Big onto Engaging With Our Supplier Base but also you will be part of many exciting Strategic Projects we are working on and why not, Lead your own!

At a glance it may look like an average Shop Supervising Role but make no mistake what you see today is only the beginning.

If this sounds interesting and you feel like we'll be as good fit for you as you will for us Send your CV to &

Please let us know your availability (hours and days) and ideal start date.

Thank you


Faye & Ernie