Mutiny Shaving Box

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This iconic Mutiny Shaving Box contains a stunning, traditional chrome or rose gold, safety razor, a natural fibre soap pouch and a natural, handmade, col pressed shaving soap bar.

It’s better for your skin than disposable razors, better for your bank balance and better for the environment. The set also contains a natural fibre soap pouch that’s great for washing and shaving as the soap bag, creates the perfect foam, while the textured surface exfoliates, giving your skin a lovely scrub and softens your stubble ready for the shave.

Also included is a traditionally cold pressed Mutiny shaving soap, made entirely from 100% natural ingredients. The Mutiny shaving soap is made 100% with natural, etchicall sourced materials and is cruelty free, free from parabens and SLS. 

Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape.

This razor comes with 5 free blades to get you started, replacement blades are available on our website here!