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Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organics Eye + Face Cream

Heavenly Organics Eye + Face Cream

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Unlike the skin on the arms and legs, the face is delicate and also the most exposed part of the body.  For these reasons Hevenly Organics have thoughtfully created this Eye + Face cream that is rich, moisturising and gentle and non pore-clogging. Blends of fair trade and organic shea butter with organic jojoba, sunflower seed oil and essential oils, these little jars of goodness go a long way with only a pea sized amount per application required. Each pot is 25g.

Organic / Plastic Free / Vegan / Made in the UK

Chamomile Eye + Face Cream
Calm your senses and your skin with this gentle and soothing Chamomile Eye + Face Cream. Chamomile essential oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and so able to calm and soothe skin irritations, scarring, rosacea, acne, spots and blemishes. Brimming with antiseptic, antibacterial and antibiotic properties this oil will help fight infection.  Being an antioxidant, chamomile oil will also help fight those damaging free radicals and help maintain youthful skin.

Lavender Eye + Face Cream
A gentle and soothing yet deeply moisturising organic face cream that is gentle enough for around the eyes.  Made with 100% organic ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and lavender oil. It is a naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil so works to soothe the skin whilst also helping to rid the skin of acne, spots and blemishes and heal within.  This also renders lavender oil excellent for acne, scarring, soothing and calming itchy skin, or indeed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Rose Geranuim
With a gentle rose aroma, this soothing, nourishing eye & face cream will  leave your skin feeling hydrated, moisturised & divine. Delicate enough for around the eyes yet rich enough for the whole face too. With its astringent properties, rose geranium can also help reduce enlarged pores.  It is a balancing oil so can do wonders for balancing out uneven skin tone.  Being anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic, it is incredible with treating acne, blemishes and spots.

Unscented Eye + Face Cream
Perfect for people with essential oil sensitivities, this gentle and soothing eye and face cream will care for your skin, just how it deserves to be. 

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