Sodium Percarbonate - natural 'green' oxygen bleach

Sodium Percarbonate - natural 'green' oxygen bleach

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Sodium percarbonate, also known as oxygen bleach

When dissolved in water, it releases oxygen, water and soda crystals - no harmful chemicals!

  • Great for laundry - removes stains and whitens whites without removing colour
  • deodorises fabrics and softens water, making laundry detergent more effective
  • just add 1 tablespoon to the drum with your laundry load
  • to whiten fabrics, pre-soak (2 tablespoons per 4 litres warm water)
  • do not use to wash wool or silk
  • can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen, down drains
  • use in a ventilated room and keep out of eyes
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