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Respiin Jute Tall Basket Set

Respiin Jute Tall Basket Set

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This set of woven jute baskets is so handy to have around the home.  Perfect for sorting and storing while adding texture and style to any space.  When not in use, the baskets are stackable. Described as 'tall' because they are taller than our 'mini' bowls, they also make great plant pots - just be sure to line with something waterproof!

Sustainable because jute plants are easy to grow with little need for fertilisers or pesticides and have a high yield per acre. They absorb more CO2 than trees so are good for the air, and are enriching for the soil.

  • Size: Small Basket - 8.5 x 10.5 cm dia. approx
  • Size: Large Basket - 14 x 19 cm dia. approx.
  • Size: Medium Basket - 13 x 15 cm dia. approx.



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