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Organic Pinto Beans (Light Speckled)

Organic Pinto Beans (Light Speckled)

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Pinto beans are especially delicious when cooked from dried. For best results, give the dried beans a soak in cool water for several hours or overnight before cooking. This shortens the cooking time, helps keep the beans pretty and whole, and aids in reducing any negative side effects that can come from eating beans.

If you're short on time soak an hour before getting started. This a good option when you're not too worried about how to beans will look in the end, like when making refried beans or bean dip.

Why not trying a Veggie Bean & Rice Burrito.
You can even make your own tortillas with our Maize Flour. 
We recomend to mix your favourite selection of veg with the beans and use Long Grain or Jasmine Rice. 

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