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Calming The Mind - Pine Tree - Incense Sticks

Calming The Mind - Pine Tree - Incense Sticks

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Myga’s incense sticks are wrapped in eco-friendly butter paper and then packed in a recyclable paper box. Each incense is created with unique natural extracts and herbs and hand rolled onto bamboo sticks.

A package contains 15 sticks and can be used in yoga, meditation or as a natural room fragrance. A stick can be lit several times depending how strong you prefer the aroma.

Length: approx. 20,3cm/8inch including bamboo stick
Net weight: approx. 19-20g
Incense sticks per package: 15
Burning time per stick: 20-25min

Wood powder, joss powder, bamboo sticks & natural fragrance.
Colour incense sticks: Brown

The incense is packed in 100% natural recyclable packaging, we use butter paper instead of plastic so oils can run onto the packaging. A small price to pay to help save our planet. This does not affect the performance of the product in any way.
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