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Chococo Luxurious handmade chocolates - 16 Piece Chocolate Selection Box by Chococo

Chococo Luxurious handmade chocolates - 16 Piece Chocolate Selection Box by Chococo

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If you’re looking for a way to say ‘Thinking of you', 'Happy Birthday’ , Happy Holidays or ‘ Thank you’, or just an incredible treat which you all deserve try our medium Fresh Chococo Selection Box says it all – and more!

We carefully choose 16 of our award-winning chocolates for this selection box, all handcrafted fresh here at Chococo in Dorset. 

The contents will vary by season, so you might find a limited edition 'chocolate of the month' or seasonal chocolates inside, along with our core range of fresh chocolates and truffles. But we always include a menu which includes both images and words to describe each chocolate, so you’ll know what’s in the box.
This selection will include chocolates which are naturally vegan-friendly as indicated by (vf) against their information below.
We also decorate each chocolate by hand with natural colours using paintbrushes and even toothbrushes (!) to create the various effects, so the patterns can sometimes vary slightly from the images shown on the menu.

Don’t forget some chocolates have truly fresh ingredients (and we don't use any additives or preservatives), so they are best enjoyed quickly - please see the 'Eat by' date on the images above. Please bear this in mind when choosing your delivery date!

Finally, chocolates are happiest being stored at c14 degrees, but will be happy in the fridge if that is the only cool place you have. However, they are best eaten when they've been brought up to room temperature before eating...a bit like cheese!

The fresh Chococo Medium Selection Box is curated from our ever-changing seasonal menus of award-winners and limited-edition flavours, and a box could include (but is not limited to):

  • Molasses & Brown Butter Caramel– Deep rich buttery caramel in a milk chocolate dome (2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2022, Gold International Chocolate Award (British) 2022)
  • Tangerine Dream - Orange-infused dark chocolate topped with Dorset-made tangerine jelly in dark chocolate (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2022, Bronze International Chocolate Award (British) 2022) (vf)
  • Wild Thing – A kirsch-soaked griottine cherry in a dark chocolate ganache in a marbled white & dark chocolate dome (2 Star Gold Great Taste Awards 2020 & 2012)
  • Spiced Rum - Raisins marinated in Exeter's Two Drifters dark rum, blended with nutmeg, cinnamon & clove (Silver International Chocolate Award (British) 2020) (vf)
  • Lemon Zing – Dorset-made fresh lemon curd in a white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate dome (Bronze Academy of Chocolate Award 2017)
  • Melting Milk Truffle – Madagascan vanilla-infused milk chocolate ganache truffle rolled in curly milk chocolate flakes (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2010)
  • Dorset Sea Salt Caramel – Dorset Sea Salt’s apple oak smoked sea salt in a muscovado caramel in a dark chocolate gem (2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2020)
  • NEW Black Forest Gateau - Dark chocolate dome with 3 layers inside - Dorset-made cherry jam on top, white chocolate in the middle and kirsch cherry liqueur-infused dark chocolate layer on the bottom
  • NEW Hazelnut Latte Cluster - oat m!lk chocolate studded with chopped hazelnuts and coffee (vf)
  • Perfect Passion – Passionfruit pate de fruit layered with a milk chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate embossed flat square (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
  • Cherry Bakewell – White chocolate blended with almond butter topped with a Dorset-made sour cherry jam (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2022
  • Nutty Nutmeg - milk chocolate & hazelnut praline spiced with nutmeg enrobed in milk chocolate (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
  • Blackcurrant Beauty – Blackcurrant pate de fruit layered with a dark ganache infused with blackcurrant liqueur in a dark chocolate square (3 Star Gold Great Tase Awards 2018 & 2009)
  • Golden Crunch Gem – Caramelised white chocolate gem studded with crunchy roasted cocoa nibs
  • Raspberry Riot Truffle – Raspberries & British framboise raspberry liqueur in a dark chocolate fresh cream ganache truffle rolled in crushed dried raspberries
  • Timmy’s Chocolate Orange – Orange-infused milk chocolate topped with Dorset-made tangerine jelly in a milk chocolate dome
  • Arbequina & Sea Salt – Spanish Arbequina olive oil & Dorset sea salt in a dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate dome (Silver Academy of Chocolate Award 2016)
  • Totally Twisted Nose – Winchester’s Twisted Nose Gin and fresh watercress-infused white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate dome (Gold Academy of Chocolate Award 2015)
  • Nutty for it Truffle – Milk Chocolate ganache truffle rolled in chopped roasted hazelnuts
  • Mellow Mint (summer) – Locally grown fresh mint in a fresh dark chocolate ganache (3 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2010)
  • Rhubarb & Vanilla (summer) – Vanilla-infused white chocolate ganache, topped with a Dorset-made rhubarb jam (1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2012)

As our chocolates are handmade using truly fresh ingredients from small suppliers, occasionally we may have to substitute a flavour for one of equal gorgeousness. 

Ingredients: Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milkpowder, sunflower & soya lecithins, natural vanilla); Venezuela milk chocolate: 45% (min) cocoa solids, 18% milk solids; Colombia white chocolate: 34% cocoa butter, 18% milk solids; Ecuador dark chocolate: 72% (min) cocoa solids; Madagascar dark chocolate: 70% (min) cocoa solids; 'Gold' caramelised white chocolate: 30% (min) cocoa butter, 28% milk solids (cocoa butter, sugar, whole milkpowder, whey powder (milk), skimmed milk powder, caramelised sugar, soya lecithin, natural vanilla, salt), Colombia oat m!lk chocolate: 43% (min) cooca solids (sugar, cocoa butter, dried GLUTEN-FREE oat powder, cocao mass, dried rice powder, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract). Fresh Dorset cream (milk), hazelnut praline (50% hazelnuts, sugar, soya lecithin), coconut oil (100% coconut), glucose syrup, invert sugar, sorbitol, vanilla seeds, nutmeg, blackcurrant & passionfruit pates de fruits (fruit purees (100% fruit), cane sugar, glucose syrup, apple pectin, citric acid), British Cassis blackcurrant liqueur, honeycombe (golden caster sugar, Dorset honey, glucose syrup, bicarbonate of soda), crystallised ginger (ginger, sugar), lemon curd (sugar, eggs, butter (milk), lemons), lemon oil, arbequina olive oil, Dorset sea salt, Conker Cold Brew coffee liqueur, ground Union coffee, Salcombe gin, pink grapefruit oil, Cabin Pressure gin, rosemary, lemon zest, Twisted Nose gin, watercress, black pepper, griottine cherry (morello cherry, sugar, kirsch alcohol), caramels (light muscovado sugar, glucose syrup, butter (milk), fresh Dorset cream (milk), Dorset smoked sea salt, black treacle), cashew nut butter (96% cashews, sunflower oil), roasted cocoa nibs, Two Drifters dark rum, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, agave nectar, tangerine jelly (tangerines, sugar), orange oil, almond butter (100% almonds), sour cherry jam (cherries, sugar, pectin, citric acid), almond oil, chopped almonds, almond praline (almonds, sugar, caramelised sugar), chopped hazelnuts
Decoration: milk, white, dark chocolate flakes, ground coffee, natural colours & shimmers (cocoa butter, spirulina, curcumin, iron oxides, beetroot, radish, safflower).

Allergy Information: For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients listed in bold. Whilst every care has been taken to remove fruit stones, stalks & skins, some may still remain. Please note, our dried fruits, nuts & spices suppliers also handle peanuts, sesame, mustard and sulphites. For further details on allergens, see our allergens information page.

Suitable for vegetarians


A selection box of 16 of our fine handcrafted chocolates

  • 16 chocolates, each crafted from single origin chocolate

  • All are also hand-decorated

  • Flavours include fruit, gentle alcohols, toasted nuts, smooth caramels, crunchy honeycombe, pralines & truffles

  • Includes seasonal & award-winning flavours

  • Both dark and milk chocolates in the box

  • Both soft and hard centres in the box
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