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MACK Bad Medicine BioPod - surface deodoriser

MACK Bad Medicine BioPod - surface deodoriser

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Surface deodoriser that traps and breaks down smells

DO NOT use it as an air freshener and always test on an inconspicuous area first. Great for smelly footwear, pet beds, cushions, sofas etc. 

Includes 1 BioPod & 1 label for your reusable bottle

Directions: Grab your clean 500ml reused or repurposed trigger bottle, drop in the BioPod and fill to the brim with warm water. Shake to dissolve, slap on your pre-supplied label and spray hasta la vista to nasty smells. As Bon Jovi warbled “shake it up, just like Bad Medicine”.

ingredients: Precipitated Silica, enzyme, natural cherry oil, bacteria, (food-grade) dye,pH neutral.


vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable, VOC free


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